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Multi Layer Insulation

Our EcoShield multi-layer insulation products are revolutionary in the growing reflective insulation market. Our products are extremely durable and provide many useful applications based on your particular insulation needs. Multi-layer insulation products can help homeowners  reduce the cost of heating and cooling for their homes, creating a more comfortable living environment.

Invisaflects Insulative Paint

Invisaflects® insulative will enable your insulation to operate at optimum performance and secure a significantly more comfortable environment. It’s safe and non-toxic and it’s ready to use on any surface.  

Invisaflects® White Light Scene™, Silver Bullet™, or Angel Air™ paint helps you insulate and save money in areas where traditional insulation won’t work. Significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs both summer and winter. 

bluemaxx™ is a synthetically engineered refrigerant enhancer.

bluemaxx™ liquid is added to the refrigerant of an existing air-conditioner or refrigeration system. bluemaxx™ is a synthetic engineered product that can achieve energy savings on air-cooled and water-cooled systems.

Did You Know?

Most utility companies recommend you to set your thermostat at 78 degrees or higher and leave it there. For every degree below that setting you’ll use approximately 3 to 5 percent more electricity. So, it only makes sense that for every degree colder air you experience out of your supply vents, after bluemaxx™ has been installed in your A/C system, you could receive savings.Oil fouling of heat transfer surfaces of air conditioning and refrigeration systems, will cause a loss of about 7% efficiency the first year, 5% the second year and 2% per year the following years.” (per 1998 ASHRAE Handbook, Refrigeration, Chap. 2.9) Usually the efficiency degredation will peak between 20 & 30%.

Attic Zipper - Insulated Attic Entry and Crawl Space Entry Temperature and Air Barriers

Our Attic Zipper products are Engineered to provide the highest level of extreme temperature protection for the home where it is needed the most.    During the Coldest and hottest of months 35% of a homes conditioned air escapes from the attic.    While there are other benefits, sealing, Insulating and Weatherproofing this single perforation in the energy envelope [the attic entry] is by far the lowest hanging fruit for a homeowner wishing to improve the "tightness" of the homes conditioned space and save on energy consumption.  And it is now the code for new home construction.   The Attic Zipper is by far the tightest, (significantly better engineered),  IRC and IECC Code compliant solution to this everyday/ every-home problem.   

Solar Powered Attic Fan

Solar Fan Overview

yellowblue solar fans are advanced high efficiency solar attic ventilation systems.  yellowblue’s Solar Fan guarantees better air performance because of the Maximum Power Point Technology Feature. This helps maintain the highest possible air flow under all solar conditions by utilizing all the power available from the solar panel to set the highest fan speed. Solar Fans qualify for the 30% Federal Tax Credit.

Better Air Probiotic Air Purification

 BetterAir by Yellowblue introduces the power of Environmental Probiotics into enclosed living and work spaces. Environmental Probiotics are comprised of a carefully cultured strain of probiotics called Bacillus ferment and are designed to purify the air and hard surfaces through patented technology. 

Solar Generators

 As a homeowner, you know all too well there is no right time for the power to go out. Whether it happens after a powerful storm hits the area or for seemingly no apparent reason at all, power outages are a reality many of us face every so often. 

At Energy Nerds, we make it our responsibility to ensure homeowners are not only prepared for anything, but that they are comfortable and save money in the process. That is among the reasons why Energy Nerds offers its customers the latest in solar technology, including hybrid solar power systems (generators) that are capable of efficiently powering everything from your microwave and game console to high-tech medical equipment.

Barsha Pump

The Barsha pump (“Barsha” means rain in Nepalese) utilizes the energy present in flowing rivers and canals to pump water. The Barsha pump does not require any fuel or electricity to be operated, thus it does not involve any operating expenses nor does it emit any polluting greenhouse gases. Thus, the Barsha pump presents a sustainable, cost-effective solution for pumping water for irrigation.

The current version of the Barsha pump is able to pump

  • to a maximum vertical height of 20 metres or distances of up to 2 kilometres.
  • a maximum flow of 43,000 liters per day

Note that the actual amount of water pumped depends upon the speed (and flow rate) of the river, and the height and distance that you are pumping to.

The Better Air Story

About BetterAir

We make it simple to protect everything you care about. BetterAir Environmental Probioticsare comprised of an organically cultured strain of probiotics called Bacillus ferment. Our patented technology works on a microscopic level and repetitively releases billions of micron sized probiotics to purify the air and clean surfaces and objects; resulting in a healthy microbiome.

Our proven BetterAir procedure consists of leveraging the power of probiotics through air purifier systems to consume organic matter found on hard surfaces such as dust mite excrement, pollen and dead skin cells.  Using BetterAir purifiers helps in enhancing and improving indoor air quality and prolongs the cleanliness of hard surfaces. In addition, we can aid in the reduction and prevention of bad odors caused by microbial contamination.

At BetterAir, we are dedicated to improving quality of life by bringing balance to indoor living and work spaces by replenishing them with beneficial probiotics. BetterAir purifiers are chemical-free, all-natural and safe for humans and pets.

We may not be able to get away from the air we breathe, but we sure can make it better.